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Max & Harvey + Capri

Wednesday August 10
7:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Package details:

VIP – This includes soundcheck party, early entry to the concert + a meet & greet with Max & Harvey.

PARENT/GUARDIAN TICKET – This allows parents to attend the meet & greet / soundcheck party with their child. Please note that no parents/guardians may participate in the meet & greet, interact with or take a photo with artists.


What is a meet & greet?

A meet & greet is the opportunity to say a quick hello to an artist or celebrity that you love and to take a picture with them. Most meet & greets consist of approx 100-200 fans. Fans will be guided by venue staff to form an organized line in a specified area. Venue and artist security will instruct all meet & greet attendees when they can approach the artists and when they need to exit the meet & greet area after their photo has been taken.

When is the meet & greet / soundcheck party?

The meet & greet and soundcheck party will take place before the show with exact timing sent out to purchasers prior to the show. If you arrive more than 30 minutes after the listed start time of your meet & greet, you will not be permitted to enter the meet & greet and will forfeit all rights to the meet & greet ticket you have purchased. No refunds will be given.

Are my parents allowed to come?

If you are a minor, you may have one parent or guardian* accompany you at the meet & greet IF they have a parent ticket to the show. No person is allowed to enter the venue that does not have a ticket to the show. Guardians do not need to purchase a VIP ticket in order to accompany a minor, but must purchase a parent ticket to the show. Please note that no guardians may participate in the meet & greet, interact with or take a photo with artists.

*Parent or guardian does not include an older sibling or older friend.