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Dark Matter For Beginners

Tuesday, October 9, 2018
6:30 pm - 11:00 pm

Funzing Talks are coming to Cardiff. After capturing the imagination of audiences in London, Manchester & Bristol, our fascinating talks series is here to re-invent your evenings with an array of unique subjects, from inspiring individuals & speakers.

Black holes, dark matter and dark energy; 95% of the Universe is made up of this mysterious stuff we know very little about. How in fact do we know so much about the Universe when we can’t see most of it? What is all of this dark stuff, and how do astrophysicists learn about something they can’t see?

Just as incredible as the scale of the Universe are the feats of engineering, creative new theories, powerful supercomputers, and large teams of scientists worldwide all having to come together to unravel its secrets.

Join Dr. Amelie Saintonge for a fascinating journey through the “invisible Universe”. You will learn about how we can witness the birth of black holes in the distant Universe through ripples in the fabric of space, how galaxies can act as beacons to help us uncover the web of dark matter in which they reside, and how the explosions of stars in far away galaxies tell us about dark energy, the expansion of the Universe and its ultimate fate.